HCLTech RiCON is a unique service offering that is designed to empower organizations as they address all the key phases of the BCM life cycle. This next-generation solution is designed with a special focus on the ever-changing and dynamic nature of business and IT requirements. It provides enterprises with the means to face the associated challenges in business continuity plan and risk management.

Once integrated, HCLTech RiCON delivers end-to-end services with a bouquet of advisory and technical solutions. With this solution, we help enterprises stay ahead of the curve as they pursue their futuristic vision by introducing them to the power of automation, cloud-based solutions, and resiliency training. Our service offerings provide a flexible, bespoke risk management solution that is designed to meet all needs under any business continuity plan. It also helps enterprise clients retain and excel their competitive edge.

Ricon Overview

Our framework

BCM Policy
BCM policy
Business Impact Analysis
Business impact analysis
Gap Assessment
Gap assessment
Design & Implementation
Design and implementation
Business Impact Analysis
Planning & documentation
Gap Assessment
Exercise and reporting
Design & Implementation
Governance and continuous improvement

Our services

Business Impact and Continuity Risk Assessment

Business impact and continuity risk assessment

  • Business function criticalities and dependencies
  • Risk classification, assessment and treatment plans
Business Continuity trategy and Exercise Management

Business continuity strategy and exercise management

  • Business continuity strategy and design
  • Assessment, recovery and restoration planning
  • Test management and administration
Crisis Management and Incident handling

Crisis management and incident handling

  • Incident and emergency response planning
  • Employee communication and mass notification
  • IT disaster recovery management
Business Continuity Governance

Business continuity governance

  • BCM gap and maturity assessment
  • BCM policy and framework administration
  • Compliance monitoring and standards benchmarking
  • Plan management and reporting


Centralized BCM Library
Centralized BCM library

All BCM parameters are housed in a centralized library for easier reference, management, and use.

Interactive Dashboard
Interactive dashboard

The RiCON solution has an interactive dashboard for higher leadership visibility.

Resiliency Training
Resiliency training

Resiliency training and employee awareness is provided by us for effective use of the RiCON solution.

Standard Compliancy
Standard compliancy

Management of enterprise-wide plans and ensuring that all standards are fulfilled.

Resiliency Framework
Resiliency framework

The enterprise-wide resiliency framework is consistent and updated regularly.

Track Readiness Levels
Track readiness levels

RiCON can be used for keeping track of enterprise compliance and audit readiness.

Easy Customizability
Easy customizability

RiCON can be easily customized as per the necessary requirements.

Platform Visibility
Platform visibility

The BCM health of the enterprise is visible via a common platform.

Simplified Communication and Crisis Handling
Simplified communication and crisis handling

All mass notifications, crisis handling, and accurate employee communication are carried out via a single window.

Single Platform Management
Single platform management

A single platform manages all business impacts, risks, threats as they occur.

Ideal Continuity Strategies
Ideal continuity strategies

Continuity strategies can be made more effective, appropriate for mission-critical processes.

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