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Product Testing and Verification


The current ecosystem is undergoing digital disruption across applications and products. The Internet of Things (IoT) is integrating products into processes and ecosystems, and proliferating connected devices. Cloud / SaaS and Open Source innovations are disrupting platforms. Applications are incurring huge integration needs. Consequently, Testing as a function has to handle the needs of Growth, Complexity, and Interoperability, at near real-time scenarios.

There is a need for an alternative software testing life cycle function that can excel across ecosystems and environments to drive value from technology and provide the right mix of inshore and offshore resources. An integrated software product testing platform across products and applications that can meet dynamically changing customer requirements while providing an industrialized approach to processes and tools will be a key foundational aspect of the customer roadmap.

Our next-gen approach to Testing will bring together world-class quality standards in the changing product and application environments, to achieve faster, structured and more effective testing solutions.

We combine mission critical engineering and testing solutions with Domain-led Application Testing experience, and introduce outcome-based models to elevate customer experience to a whole new level of affirmation beyond assurance.

We are trusted by over 200 customers globally, for their mission critical testing and verification requirements as well as to optimize their software testing life cycles. Our over 20 Global delivery centers can help in maintaining the right hybrid of onshore and offshore. With a rich experience in testing solutions and a unique application testing service portfolio, we have set a benchmark for the industry.

We have also been recognized by Nelson Hall as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for application testing services globally. And we have also invested in an on-demand software product testing lab that allows ISVs to reduce their software testing life cycles and lower their capital expenditure on necessary hardware and software.

Our Capabilities


Agile and flexible Engagement Models
Agile and flexible Engagement Models

Flexible engagement models allow rapid ramp up/down of resources and operational scalability

People Quality
People Quality

Rich pool of domain and industry experts with proven testing skills bring great value to the project

Streamlined Processes
Streamlined Processes

Automated testing methodologies, detailed guidelines and scripting standards lead to higher productivity and software quality

Worldclass Infrastructure

Test labs, value-driven partnerships with testing tool vendors and virtualization of server platforms create a highly productive testing environment Read More