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Despite patient centricity taking the center theme in all marketing and patient support initiatives, the challenges to provide patients faster access to therapy and to drive medication adherence still persist. About one third of the prescriptions are never filled and on average medication non-adherence is 50% across disease areas, resulting into revenue loss for drug companies and poor health outcomes for patients.

Moreover, launching patient support programs at global scale takes a long time and results into poor acquisition and adoption rates.

HCLTech’s Discover, Design and Deliver methodology focused on persona value chain delivers a highly effective program in a much shorter timeframe.

Discover: Uncover the core problems and root causes by conducting patient personas empathy based research and creating comprehensive persona journeys and network to re-define the problem.

Design: Use “Design Thinking” techniques to design the solution, which is built on the principles of human empathy.

Deliver: Leverage HCLTech’s pre-built and configurable Digital Patient Care Platform to launch patient centric programs, cutting down the launch time significantly.

HCLTech’s Digital Patient Care Platform provides a connected patient ecosystem, driving sustained relationship and reducing time and cost to launch patient care, support and engagement programs across countries, products and indications.

Our approach will help:

  • Reduce cost of acquisition by up to 15%*
  • Reduce prescription fulfilment time by 20%*
  • Reduce time to launch global “Pill++ Value Added” Patient Support Programs by 60% and cost to build/operate by 40%*
  • Reduce care continuum program launch time by 60%* and cost to build/operate by 40%*
  • Increase adherence rate by 15% to 30%*
  • Varies based on drug type and therapeutic areas

Digital Patient Care Platform is a cloud based platform that provides pre-built services for patient information, engagement, access and adherence management, complying with HIPAA and other patient data privacy regulations. This provides drug and device companies a jump start to develop and launch patient centric programs at global scale, without spending time effort to build foundational capabilities.