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Data Engineering


With ever increasing data volumes and velocity from IoT and machine-generated data, companies must upgrade their data systems to create intelligence and value from data. Businesses require expertise to instrument, upgrade, and create data architectures that create business impact. Automation of massive amounts of data with real-time intelligence and data quality are imperative to drive accurate data-driven decisions and trust. HCL empowers companies with data accelerators, data platform management, strategic relationships, state-of-the art laboratories, data technologies, and software expertise for accelerating data intelligence into business operations.

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Data services are designed to help the customer at all stages of the data life cycle from creation of the data strategy, data platform engineering and data automation, and data platform management with AI-data ops. Data strategy research begins with understanding the “as-is” system, the stakeholders’ pain-points and desired outcomes and then developing of a target “to-be” system. The data platform engineering and AI-data ops services enables the customer to focus on their competencies and business decisions instead of the challenges with highly complex and evolving data technologies and data platform management.

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Solutions and Accelerators

HCL offers a full suite of solutions for acceleration of the data intelligence transformation from data architecture consulting, data instrumentation, data engineering, data pipeline automation, and optimization to target processors (CPU and GPU) for efficiency and speed. Strategic data accelerators for data quality validation, data synthesis, and data annotation accelerate AI model creation. The full suite of data solutions accelerates value creation from data.

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