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Automotive IT Industry Solutions - HCL Tech

Demand Planning Solution

A web based adaptive planning platform built on Oracle Demantra. This automotive IT solution ensures real time visibility into demand and demand changes. The solution easily integrates with Oracle EBS and utilizes functionalities of Demand management, Advanced forecasting, Demand modeling and Operations planning to help improve forecast accuracy. The system alerts when the variation in customer forecast violates a predefined tolerance %, thus ensuring quick response to demand variations.

Warranty Management Solution

Our automotive warranty management solution is a comprehensive web based warranty claims processing system, with predictive analytics. The automotive management solutions functionality includes vehicle registration, contract definition, warranty process control, claims processing, claims settlement, dashboard and KPI reporting, RMA reports, warranty analytics and an early warning predictive analytics system. This provides real time access to product performance and warranty information, reducing the claims processing time. The predictive analytics helps to predict and prevent critical warranty issues and also helps in design re-engineering.

Customer Management Solution

The solution addresses the sales, marketing and service needs of dealers and support centers, to get deeper insight into customer data and holistic view of customer interactions across different communication channels. It includes customer profiling and marketing automation, marketing and communications support, role based access control for users, automated reports and dashboards. The solution captures customer information, enables faster decisions and processing of customer requests and improves customer service.

Mobile Vehicle Inspection Solution

This PDA enabled system ensures quicker and efficient processing of customer service requests for vehicle inspections or breakdown services. The solution uses the GIS/GPS technology and GPRS technology to allow for communication with service team/inspectors on the field. It provides real time access to critical information at the site, captures data, and transmits to headquarters, and also facilitates quick and hassle free sign off from the customer. This solution offers  immense benefits to inspection agencies, service centers and dealers, who are looking to provide quick and better services to their customers.

Contract Management Solution

For suppliers, OEMs and dealers, managing and maintaining contracts can often be a cumbersome process often leading to revenue leakages and inefficient processes. HCL's end-to-end contract management solution provides an efficient method for monitoring vendor performance, determines flexible pricing strategies based on historical data and market conditions in addition to streamlining the creation, storage, management and analysis of contracts.

Global Visibility Tower

In the current economic environment, automotive companies are faced with fluctuating demands, over-capacity problems, inventory pile-up and many more problems grappling them. There is a need for streamlining the processes across the supply chain, more visibility into operations, inventory optimization, efficiency in production and dispatching and adoption of flexible and agile manufacturing. HCL’s Global Visibility Tower uses complex event processing technology to trigger actions to events and correlate information in real time. This solution is aimed at automating processes across the supply chain by triggering automatic response, thus providing a single platform through which all supply chain activities are monitored, revealed and acted upon.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.