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Adobe Summit 2021

adobe summit 2021
adobe summit 2021
adobe summit 2021
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HCL is Adobe’s Platinum Partner and the global service provider for Adobe Experience Cloud solutions with specializations in Adobe’s Experience Manager, Analytics, Campaign and Target. We provide an integrated customer experience platform across industries to enable CMOs, CIOs and CFOs to achieve business goals whilst delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

Our innovative solutions extend the customer experience platform via AI and Data-driven experience built on top of Adobe’s platform to provide our customers a competitive edge.

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Topic: Accelerate and Scale Digital Experiences with Platforms and Data
Session Abstract

COVID-19 has forced CMOs and CIOs across the globe to reimagine customer experiences to transform business outcomes. To deliver a total experience, the experience platforms must ensure a real-time event mechanism to update customer and contextual information based on unified customer data.

Learn how to:

  • Integrate platforms and data to drive the next-gen experiences
  • Collect data that spans the digital and physical worlds to influence marketing decisions
  • Effectively personalize experiences across the customer journey while forging trust with customers and protecting their data
Watch HCL’s breakout session



Advantage Experience - Low Code, Design Ops driven

ADvantage Experience is powered by Adobe Experience Cloud & Adobe Experience Platform provides end-to-end solution to streamline customer engagement across Adobe Experience Cloud. It enables enterprises the ability to build digital platforms with AI led conversations and deliver MARTECH platforms at scale.

Data-driven experience

HCL’s Data Driven Experience framework brings together data and science to derive insights that provides exceptional customer experiences at all customer touchpoints. The framework helps marketers to make complex decisions to provide contextual and personalized customer experience.

Industry Solutions

ADvantage Experience provides industry-specific digital experience solutions for enterprise marketing requirements, whilst offering self-service capabilities for a holistic customer experience across channels.

Advantage Commerce

HCL’s ADvantage Commerce framework helps deliver end-to-end digital commerce programs quickly by bringing experience delivery across modern digital touch points in conjunction with headless & micro-services commerce architecture.

Integrated sales & marketing

HCL’s Integrated Sales and Marketing solution provides predefined campaign components and integrations that can be reused across similar campaigns thereby, transforming the overall customer experience.