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In this digital era, enterprises use modern technologies and there is a high volume of data being produced from everywhere. To get the maximum benefit from this data, a platform must be capable enough to store and process the power. Big data solutions address the same by systematically storing high volumes of data, understanding its kind, and processing it with complex logic to get maximum insights.

AWS Cloud reduces costs by allowing high-end infrastructure set-up in minutes, in a cost-effective manner. AWS integrates big data solutions from Hadoop open-source software stack to systematic stores and distributed/in-memory processing capabilities as part of the Amazon EMR offering.

HCLTech’s partnership with AWS allows it to offer scalable, cost-effective, resilient, secure, and high-performing big data solutions to the global customers across industries by utilizing their rich experience in AWS Cloud, data engineering, and AI/ML.

We Offer

Accurate Solution Assessment

Data processing problem statements are not always covered by Amazon EMR alone and may require other AWS Data Services as well. Hence, there is a need of appropriate analysis and provision of a cost-effective end to end solution for customers.

Platform Modernization

Migration from on-premise, Hadoop-based, or any other data-engineering platform, to cloud-based Amazon EMR.

Real Time Data Processing Platform

Building real-time data-processing pipeline for various use cases, such as sensor-based equipment, finance, and healthcare etc.

AI/ML Capability

Building AI/ML features on massive amount of data necessitates data cleansing, feature engineering, model training, and anomaly detection.

HCLTech Advantage


Successfully architected and developed solutions for many customers utilizing Amazon EMR as well as other offerings, with a successful track record.


HCLTech ADvantage Migrate Suite, a set of tools designed to reduce effort and improve time to market by utilizing decades of experience in software development and operation activities.


Having a resourceful deep understanding on Technology as well as Industry, HCLTech is always ahead in providing accurate and futuristic solution to customers.