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Data and BI Fabric


Digital age business models have made it pertinent for organizations to engage in digital transformation journeys. Demand for meaningful data to make appropriate decisions around life-time value analysis, foot-fall, cross-sell / up-sell, segmentation, churn, supply-chain analytics, etc. has been the new normal; as is the demand for speed (access and availability to trustable data). However, enterprises are facing data challenges from multiple angles mainly because data is federated across systems and geographical boundaries.

Need of the hour is to be nimble. Time-to-market, at which companies react to change, and make profitable decisions to create competitive advantage enabled through improved insights, has become a necessity. Today, one of the key requirements for enterprises is to make the right and relevant data available in the right format, at the right time, and at the right cost. “Data and BI Fabric” proposition addresses the need to deal with “Federated Data within an Enterprise” in a modern and efficient way.  At the core, ‘Data and BI Fabric” adheres to the following principles:

  • Embrace modern data engineering patterns that bridge performance and application functionality requirements
  • Enable self-sufficiency by honoring sensitivity and other governance policies on top of enterprise data repositories
  • Enable real-time enterprise performance management through KPI based alerts and notifications
  • Integrate system health, performance, and usage monitoring as part of DataOps
  • Create and manage data knowledge graph for data literacy

In a nut-shell HCLTech’s “Data and BI Fabric” can be understood as a converged approach to accelerate digital transformation of global enterprises by systematic conversion of data into asset.

Data Fabric Offerings


Accelerates data delivery through template based patterns, rich functional library, offering configuration over coding philosophy. Sketch can run on-premise or on cloud


One stop solution with intuitive web-based UI, sample data generation & data snapshot service, reconciliation of results, pre-built extensible data validation rules templates, bulk test case upload and integration with CI/CD tools.


Enables comprehensive monitoring across systems, applications, databases and tools through configurable plug-ins, persona driven visually rich dashboards and pre-built custom connectors reducing license cost with the usage of open source tools & technologies.

Meta Wisdom

Enables meta information to get connected, plugged, ingested, assimilated and manifested in graphical form with capabilities to harness other meta repositories, to tag & classify meta information of technology assets, propagate tags, providing connectors and hooks to data repositories alongside persona driven views.

BI Gateway

Enables automated migration of the existing BI build from one platform to another with bots that scan existing reports, dashboards & metadata repository, self-service BI feature to build new reports & dashboards, automated deployment process and more, thereby reducing migration effort by ~65%.

Data Marketplace

Offers unified interface for role-based self-service, shopping cart experience, dataset availability governance, dataset search and access, dataset publish/subscribe, user authentication, approval workflow, reliable data delivery through multiple channels and dashboards for status monitoring.

Data Bi Fabric Services


Data Engineering

Rapid development and deployment of data engineering solutions using appropriate tools and technology; be it standard, big, or fast data.


Specialized Data Services

Provides advanced data services around NoSQL family including in-memory databases; data migration services for legacy modernization, cloud adoption; and enterprise data search.


Next Generation BI

Enable personalized BI to analyze information and derive insights; empower decision making process through analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces.


Digital CFO

Provide services to implement performance and risk solution for the financial industry; EPM solution with forecasting models; planning and budgeting solutions.