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Pega Partnership


HCLTech has fostered a strategic alliance with Pega to combine its business expertise and industry insights with Pega’s key products and solutions to boost returns on investment. HCLTech is a Specialized Pega Partner and has found a place in the 'Top 5 Leadership Podium' in HFS’ Pega service providers in 2021.

Over the years, HCLTech has developed deep experience & strong track record for delivering innovative process solutions across myriad verticals. Some of the typical DPA (Digital Process Automation) patterns delivered include process digitalization, workforce optimization, knowledge management, frictionless experience, improved decisions, machine intelligence, and much more. Our strong partnership with Pega brings a powerful convergence of intuitive customer experiences, intelligent automation, and actionable insights enabling us to accelerate the path to value for our clients across industries through our ADvantageTM Pega portfolio. Being a part of Pega’s Executive Partner Advisory Council, we are deeply involved in shaping Pega’s product strategy and roadmap and are also the highest contributor to Pega’s marketplace amongst all global solutions.

Adobe Capabilities
Achieve improved code quality, higher efficiency, and more time to market with our Code Impact Analyzer Solution
Enhance your developer experience (DevEx) and clean code strategy
One tool to assess all your Pega application design issues and provide recommendations to bring your application design to a perfect state
Enabling proactive detection of fraudulent claims with improved speed and scalability for your business
One-stop solution portal to get a 360-degree view of your entire software development life-cycle and elevate your automation journey
Simplify your code assessment operation, reduce manual efforts & improve the overall operational efficiency
Deploy a single prioritized view of your end-to-end work, with complex workflows to deliver swifter and seamless outcomes
Accelerate your enterprise’s release management with DevOps bringing Agile and DevSecOps tools together.
A single dashboard that almost instantly tells you of the exact problems that arise with developer teams in your largescale Pega application development
Accelerate your Pega upgrade process & reduce the carry forward of technical debt through our U2C tool

Our Solutions

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega

A set of implementation frameworks, and playbooks that accelerate the implementation of Pega-based solutions or platforms.

Advantage PEGA
HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Experience Amplifier

An end-to-end framework to build & deliver meaningful and contextual experiences for marketers across different digital touch points.

Experience Amplifier
HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega Churn Management Solutionx

The solution leverages predictive, adaptive, and text analytics, to identify customers at risk of churn and proactively provides personalized retention offers.

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega D.I.C.E

Utilizing machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities for fraudulent claims detection to help your business in real-time.

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega Code scanner

Performs design, security, and consistent analysis to help improve your Pega code quality and provide substantial improvements in the code review efforts.

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega Process Fabric Connector

Deploy a single prioritized view of your end-to-end work, with complex workflows to deliver swifter and seamless outcomes

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega Code Impact Analyzer

Identify potential bottlenecks at the early stages of code and avoid inheritance of technical debt and reduce the end-to-end cycle time & cost.

Code impact
HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Assess for Pega- DevSecOps Maturity

Determine your business’ baseline maturity across any area such as Agile, DevSecOps, SRE, QA, and get standard reports along with maturity model details.

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega ROAR

A real-time view of accurate and standardized data representation allowing your business to move from manual to automated supervision.

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega Immune Workplace Solution

The solution helps forward-looking enterprises address and solve the challenges faced and create opportunities for flourishing their businesses even in the new normal.

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega Upgrade & Migrate Solution

Accelerate your Pega upgrade implementation with automated scripts for platform readiness, pre and post-upgrade activities, validation & certification.

HCLTech’s ADvantageTM Pega RPA

The solution helps organizations to create, identify, analyze and prioritize automation opportunities, helping you to perform suitability, feasibility, and benefit analyses for your business.