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Software Product Engineering Services


Engineering and R&D Services (Software)
Engineering and R&D Services (Software)With the advent of the post PC era, the number of devices accessing online properties has exploded exponentially. ISVs and online companies need to provide a uniform experience on multiple form factors and operating systems, ensure high levels of performance despite concurrency in millions and at the same time ensure security as confidential information is at stake. Hitherto unknown VC funded firms are incorporating disruptive technologies and totally changing the stack of current applications and platforms. Companies are constantly playing catch up to new technologies, experiences and services to stay afloat.


Challenges We Address

The ever competitive software product industry continues to witness new technologies sweeping the market, heightened consolidation and a move to utility-based software delivery through Software as a Service (SaaS) and Web 2.0 technologies. The increasing pace of innovation has in turn shortened the life cycle of software products. Visionary industry leaders have realized the importance of collaboration to stay competitive and have started building their global engineering product development ecosystem to 'out innovate' competitors. All this has changed the expectations of an offshore product engineering services provider.

Against this background, software product companies need more than just another offshore services vendor on a piecemeal basis to collaborate for success. They need a strategic software engineering services and products partner who can share and execute based on the product's long term strategic vision. At HCL, we share the innovation and product strategy vision of our partners. We are fully committed in increasing the effectiveness of innovation while adding the right value in executing that vision and getting it right the first time.

HCL's Software Product Engineering Services

As a leading offshore software development/ software product engineering partner to global software companies (7 of the top 10), HCL provides high impact software engineering services, investments in IPs and infrastructure and (r)evolutionary engagement models that help clients launch new products faster, manage unparalleled customer experience, enhance product lifecycles, and exploit market conditions.

Our product development/product engineering services span the pre lifecycle phase (where innovation is key for an early mover advantage); the mature phase where differentiated customer experience plays a key role; and finally the decline phase where product development companies start looking to optimize monetization.Lifecycle includes software prototyping as well as re-engineering approaches resulting in faster time-to-market for system engineering software.


Software Product

Leverage HCL's unique solutions to maximize your product potential

  1. Create an unmatched value proposition through SaaS in an accelerated timeframe.
    SaaS has revolutionized the way ISVs deliver, manage and support software and software engineering services . We have successfully partnered with industry leaders to facilitate their move to SaaS to reach new customers, exploit market conditions and enhance customer experience. We have developed a proven program to help our clients adopt SaaS in an accelerated time frame.
    • Integrated service reduces time-to-market by 40% - HCL provides integrated end-to-end SaaS services spanning consulting, enablement, hosting and management services. Working with multiple vendors takes significantly more time for SaaS adoption,hence SaaS integration is the key to reduce time-to-market
    • HCL's SaaS service delivery platform - Understanding the needs of ISVs, HCL has developed a service delivery platform – Agora - a pre-configured monitoring and management tool, which significantly reduces time-to-market.
  2. Maximize Web 2.0 Impact
    Since the beginning of applications like search and social networking, HCL has successfully engineered web products and services which fully harness the power of Web 2.0 - including a real-estate search website, travel portal, content portal, and geo-spatial search and mash-ups, among others. HCL has also developed an Enterprise Community Online Platform - a quick start platform for organizations to launch Enterprise 2.0 applications and services.
  3. On-Demand Test Lab
    HCL has invested in an on-demand software testing lab that allows ISVs to reduce their software product testing cycle times and lower their capital expenditure on testing hardware and software.

    The main features of the Lab include:
    • Agile and Flexible engagement model
      • Pay per use, ready infrastructure
      • Ability to test a product remotely with in-house testing teams using a lab-on-rent model
    • People
      • Access to HCL's pool of testing experts
      • Access to HCL's multi domain and industry experts
    • Processes
      • Detailed guidelines and scripting standards for test automation
      • Best practices on testing methodologies in specialized test areas
    • Infrastructure
      • Test Lab with a variety of servers on demand
      • Partnerships with testing tool vendors - all test servers provisioned with standard testing software
      • Tools to ensure isolation, availability and security testing
      • Virtualization of server platform through VMWare tools
  4. Ensuring a client's product success with ground-breaking outcome-based engagements - Global Risk Reward Partnership (GRRP)
    HCL's GRRP is based on the fundamentals of joint outcome ownership of a product. HCL has successfully partnered with global technology leaders in positively influencing their product revenues under a risk-reward sharing partnership.The mandate of our GRRP model is to help our partners successfully exploit market conditions to increase their product revenues. These could be geographical, new customer segments, technological or industry conditions.
    • Impact
      • Mitigate risk - we put our 'skin in the game' with you
      • Free valuable locked-in resources and deploy them in newer core innovation projects
      • Enhance revenue and market share by exploiting market conditions
      • Variabilize your R&D and support cost

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Engineering and R&D Services (Software & Platform)
Engineering and R&D Services (Software & Platform)
Engineering and R&D Services (Software)
Engineering and R&D Services (Software)
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.