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Knowledge sharing in the digital workplace
How can we share knowledge in a digital workplace?

A key factor for the success of a workplace and, in turn, the organization is how knowledge is gathered, managed, and distributed within the organization. Companies where knowledge is seamlessly managed and accessed outpace the companies where information is either present in pockets/silos or in the employees’ heads. Hence, knowledge-sharing is critical and shouldn’t be overlooked. Efficient knowledge-sharing gives rise to better engagement, productivity, and trust among team members.

Here are the steps to enhance knowledge-sharing in a digital workplace:

  • Secure budgets and invest in knowledge-sharing tools
  • Create strategies for wide adoption of knowledge-sharing tools
  • Encourage knowledge-sharing across organizations
  • Reward and recognize knowledge-sharing
  • Create forums and establish a knowledge-sharing culture
  • Create knowledge libraries and make information searchableand accessible
  • Break down communication barriers