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Workplace post COVID-19
How will your workplace change post COVID-19?

With the advent of 2020, businesses hurriedly went into a complete remote work model in a matter of weeks. Almost two years down the line, as organizations solidify their digital workplace strategy, they acknowledge that the hybrid work model is going to be the new norm. That’s where HCLTech’s Fluid Workplace offering comes into the picture. It is a comprehensive set of future-proof digital workplace solutions that covers both “secure remote working” and a “cautious return to the workplace”. The Fluid Workplace offering aims at helping customers accelerate their digital transformation and build an innovative, empathetic, personalized, and on-demand remote workplace to deliver greater productivity and a superior user experience. Our leadership positions across industry analysts and research organizations is a testament to our industry-leading portfolio and ability to deliver on the promise of UX.

The Remote Working Pack includes:

  • Remote productivity readiness assessment: Telecommuting readiness assessment and consultancy
  • Remote virtual workspace: Intelligent and secure on-demand workplace empowering users to be equally productive while working from home
  • Remote collaboration: Unified and personalized chat-centric remote collaboration for teams that need to engage from anywhere, anytime
  • Remote support: Cognitive AI- and AR-based immersive remote support
  • Remote UX monitoring: Big data analytics-based preventive support and real-time remote worker UX monitoring
  • Adaptive security: Cloud-based remote access security based on Zero Trust principles
  • Compassionate change management: Contextual behavior change strategies incorporating multiple channels

SafeSense: Return to theworkplace

SafeSense is a precision-focused, contactless workplace solution to bring the essential workforce back to the workplace. It creates a closed first line of defense starting from the point of entry in the work premises to the work area equipping safe and productive environment. It comprises the following contactless solutions:

  • THERMOSense – Contactless and precise body temperature screening
  • DISTSense – Smart ID card holder for social distancing and contact tracing
  • VISONSense – Computer vision-powered face mask detection
  • QUEUESense – Digital queuing system to avoid crowds at bottlenecked locations
  • OCCUSense – Hot desking and occupancy management for confined spaces
  • WORKSense – Contact-free IT services to eliminate risks while upholding experience

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