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Data Management

Data Management

Data Management practice at HCLTech provides a holistic approach to manage availability, usability and integrity of data. It aims at answering critical questions such as what does the data mean? who created the data?  Who is responsible for the data? Where does the data come from? What is the trust level of data?  Whom should I approach to understand the data or resolve the issues and many other critical questions.

Data Management practice helps an organization as a knowledgeable consulting partner to work with, or to onboard onto Data Management through roadmap creation exercises and building foundational processes and procedures, or as an advisory partner in early stages on Data Management journey or as a competent and experienced technology partner who can deliver end-to-end programs. HCLTech’s Data Management framework encompasses multiple tools such as Data Management Maturity Model, Unified Metadata Hub, Master Data Exchange, Data Quality Monitoring, Data Classification and Cataloguing and Unified Data Stewardship Monitoring.

Data Management Offerings


It helps organizations comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) norms through a pre-built set of CDEs and related business rules pertaining to KYC. It also provides dashboards that throw light into the quality levels of CDEs, efficiency of Stewards and lineage to erroneous transactions.


An organization’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) implementation is closely linked to its Data Management program. Our solution includes:

  • A pre-built mechanism to classify PIIs
  • Dashboards related to PIIs, sensitivity levels, risk scores and their governance

In-store Experience for Retail Stores

A solution for enabling better customer retention, acquisition and overall customer life-time value. It aids one-on-one relationship with every customer to improve the customer experience - especially in-store. It also enables smartly organized products so that customers can easily find what they are looking for aiding upsell and cross sell opportunities.

Claims Management for Insurance

To analyze the Data Quality and to seek consistent improvement in the “Closed Claims Report for Medical Malpractices” is critical for any Insurance Company. This solution aims at removing unwanted allocation of huge amounts for claim settlements.

Data Management Services


Data Management and Data Quality: R2D2

A holistic approach to implement multiple data integration, governance and data management tools and deploy trusted data on a timely basis across the enterprise. It is a flexible, agile and cost-effective way to meet internal and regulatory compliance goals and convert data into assets. We provide the tools and accelerators to quickly deploy advanced data quality and governance services.



Enabling clients to establish high degree of visibility and transparency into organization’s actual state of governance to unleash business opportunities. Pathways develops an approach to transform data into trusted assets, people into effective collaborators and processes into seamless flows.


Data Hallmarking

Data hallmarking certifies business data by clustering them into metals (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) and helps monitor improvements of data assets by line of business. It enables benefits such as identifying importanr business data, monitoring the data progress and monitoring overall data performance.


Master Data Management: MDX

Platform for identifying golden records for master data based on source ranking, data quality and match and merge rules. This helps discover industry and data domain agnostic data quality and data management requirements.