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The data landscape is the new battleground for competitive advantage.

The way we perceive data has changed drastically over the years. From a mere functional unit to an enabler of digital transformation, data has come a long way. In today’s hyper-connected landscape, every interaction leads to the creation of massive datasets. As a result, enterprises end up generating and consuming an extraordinary amount of data every single day. Furthermore, data has become the common denominator that’s transforming business models, customer offerings, and operational processes.

However, many enterprises fail to adequately tap into the immense potential of data.

In the journey of becoming a data-driven enterprise, being ‘good enough’ is not enough. Enterprises must do better. They must leverage data to run smarter, leaner, and faster and deliver unprecedented levels of service and customization to their customers. Enterprises must also shift away from rule-of-thumb and gut-instinct decisions by integrating data and making data-driven insights accessible across the whole ecosystem.

In a world that runs on data, you need a technology partner that responds to your unique data needs. HCLTech, with its proven execution methodology, deep partner ecosystem, and global scale, can help you do better in your data-led transformation journey. To drive better decisions across the value chain, respond better to your end-customers’ needs, create better products and services, and much more.

Make your data function better with HCLTech.

Our capabilities

We connect businesses, platforms, customers, employees, and partners by integrating data and delivering insights across the global digital ecosystem. Our services cover the complete information and insight lifecycle for customers. Whether you are pursuing enterprise-level initiatives or niche data and analytics programs, we can help you achieve your digital vision by using our proven and structured execution methodology.

Data strategy

Scaling data-driven initiatives across the enterprise in an agile, dynamic, and expeditious manner.

Data modernization and migration

Enabling organizations to modernize their entire data and analytics landscape.

The promise of AI

Addressing the challenges that enterprises face in their AI-driven data transformation journey.

MLOps productionalization

Scaling machine learning models across the enterprise to power data-driven transformation.

Insights and analytics

Engaging users, processes, and technology for analytics adoption and advancement via a multi-dimensional solution.

Data strategy

Our data-first strategy helps organizations scale data-driven initiatives across the enterprise in an agile, dynamic, and expeditious manner. In a broad sense, there are two major aspects to this approach. It helps tackle the challenge of speed-to-market through an ecosystem designed to deliver data faster and achieve actionable business intelligence for accurate results. It also solves the challenge of data integrity using refined techniques, ensuring that the right data is available to make the right decisions every time to deliver an exceptional business experience. By harnessing the power of data at scale, organizations can not only grow their business offerings but also support constant growth by reacting with greater agility than ever before.

Data modernization and migration

With more and more enterprises looking to reduce infrastructure costs and access flexibility and elasticity to scale their IT systems, the need to move data to modern platforms has become cardinal. Data modernization initiatives can help enterprises streamline existing operations, respond effectively to changing market landscape, provide personalized services and even generate additional revenue streams. Our ADvantage Migrate solution enables organizations to modernize their entire data and analytics landscape by leveraging our experience and expertise in data engineering and cloud, along with our proprietary methodologies and architecture principles, to embed standardization in the entire modernization process.

The promise of AI

As the world moves toward digitalization, organizations are embracing AI at an enterprise level, which promises to provide considerable benefits for businesses and economies. But despite substantial advances in AI, organizations still face business and technical challenges to adopt and scale AI applications across their value chains. At HCLTech, we understand the complexities of business processes underpinned by IT infrastructure, data, and security, which pave the way to identify the proper business use case and technical infrastructure to support modern AI applications. Our comprehensive vertical and horizontal AI solutions portfolio addresses the challenges enterprises face in their AI-driven digital transformation journey.

MLOps productionalization

Machine Learning (ML) has empowered a broad range of industries. But despite its ubiquity, many enterprises still face myriad challenges and shortcomings in developing, deploying, and managing their Machine Learning applications and find it challenging to shift from experimentation to production-grade AI. Our MLOps framework, built from the experience of dozens of experiments and production deployments, fuses the growing capabilities of cloud hyperscale, specialized AI tools, and knowledge gained within the enterprise across its AI maturity curve. It defines and orchestrates the AI lifecycle across the dimensions of infrastructure, model development, production, and monitoring to scale machine learning models across the enterprise.

Insights and analytics

Global businesses often generate and consume an extraordinary amount of data in a single day. With data taking center stage in today’s uber-dynamic digital landscape, there’s an opportunity for forward-looking enterprises to drive the next wave of business intelligence with powerful and contextual data-driven insights. However, most organizations fail to leverage the data treasure trove adequately. Our ADvantage Analytics is a multi-dimensional framework to engage users, processes, and technology for analytics advancement and adoption. Our analytics toolsets make your insights strategy self-propelled, self-sufficient and bring promising capabilities that gear you for success in a market that demands hyper-personalization and excellent CX orchestration at competitive costs.

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