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Waste & Recycling

The environmental volatility, high capital costs and stringent regulatory compliance requirements are some of the major challenges faced by the waste & recycling industry today. The industry is trying to consolidate itself and this phenomenon is omnipresent. To overcome these challenges, enterprises today need an IT and business environment with integrated and simplified processes, which can only be brought about by complete end-to-end business transformational projects.

We serve the specific needs of waste recycling industry spanning from Waste collection, Treatment & Recycling and Waste Disposal to Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise IT and Revenue Management. HCL offers services and solutions like waste management application software to waste & recycling management enterprises that cut across the waste lifecycle to bring business, operations and IT transformation. HCL has the largest and most consistent track record of successfully delivering best practice customer billing, enterprise asset management and back office solutions for regulated and de-regulated utilities organizations across the world. HCL offers end-to-end services ranging from design & blueprinting, implementation & rollout to application development, maintenance and support. Through use of sophisticated tools like GPS and routing software, HCL helps to integrate the logistics into the financial processes.

HCL's Water Utilities micro-vertical help enterprises to meet the stringent HSE regulations and enhance their customer experience through integrated service offerings in water management system including product engineering, application development and maintenance, infrastructure services and business process outsourcing.

Our Water Utilities practice serves entire water utilities sector (drinking water supply and sewage) and aims at bringing distribution excellence, enhanced customer experience and business transformation to your organization.

Practice Highlights

  • Strong domain knowledge of the Waste & Recycling Industry
  • Strategic engagements with leading Waste Management companies across globe
  • Dedicated Centre of Excellence enabling delivery optimization
  • Completed the second only end-to-end industry solution implementation in the Waste & Recycling space in the world
  • Domain expertise in Waste & Recycling like preconfigured fast track solutions with mobile computing
  • Technology capabilities spread across SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Content Management, Middleware and Infrastructure Services

A Snapshot of our Services for Waste & Recycling Industry

Waste and Recycling - HCL Tech

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.