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The concept of Application Operations was pioneered in 2007 and, over a period of time, the model has been able to successfully meet the business challenges which include scalability, agility, proactivity, accountability, faster resolution to incidents/problems, cost control, and standardization, among many others. With Application Operations framework, the team acts as a bridge between the application and infrastructure worlds to provide an end-to-end integrated, agile, and proactive view and through its models, implementation methodology, and processes address the various IT and business challenges highlighted above.

With Application Operations, the customers can expect the following benefits:

  • Clear demarcation between what is engineering versus what is operations
  • Improvement in ownership and accountability of issues by about 90-95%
  • Improvement in resolution rates by about 80-90%
  • Operations becoming proactive and agile rather than reactive
  • Levels of automation being increased significantly
  • Standardization across technologies and processes
  • OPEX cost reduction by over 45-50%
  • Easier governance

Incidentally, the view of this bridge has also been endorsed by several leading industry analysts. The Application Operations business has undergone a massive evolution since its inception. Application Operations today is integrating, owning, and running the critical IT businesses across organizations and verticals.

The following use cases highlight the criticality of Application Operations and how it has direct impact on the company’s brand and its customers as well as its financial status:

  • Handling the critical business operations with respect to trading, IPO launches, settlements, etc.
  • Managing operations with a direct influence on the opening price of a company’s stock at the exchange  
  • Handling critical payment systems accounting for 50% of a country’s daily transactions
  • Handling the critical messaging systems tightly integrated with thousands of applications where the average value of a message travelling within the system runs into Billions of Dollars.
  • Handling the critical fulfillment systems for companies
  • Handling critical medical websites which the doctors use to perform life-saving operations
  • Handling billing systems for customers’ bill generations and payments  
  • Managing operations with a direct impact on the supply chain of a company


aGile Environment Management Service (GEMS)

Increasing efficiency and enablinge faster time to market with end- to- end application environment support

The Genesis

Manage the applications and underlying middleware. Define, implement, and orchestrate the integration mechanisms

AIM - Application Intelligence & Monitoring Centre

End-to-end user experience-based application management with monitoring and management of IoT-based devices utilizing Big Data analysis

Migration Factory

Consolidate and lower the cost of operations by migrating workloads from OEM to open source platform

Platform Management and Operations-as-a-Service

Provision, administration, and operations of application and middleware platforms in a service-oriented model

SAP on Cloud

Public/private cloud-based hosting and management of SAP systems