Enterprise Analytics

What is enterprise analytics?

The process of implementing statistical analysis into business processes in order to achieve enterprise excellence is called enterprise analytics. Enterprise analytics uses data driven decision making techniques. Various Business Intelligence tools are available from various organisations such as Oracle and SAP that help enable Enterprise Analytics.


Manufacturing is one of the worst hit industries in the current economic downturn. What at first appeared to be a financial meltdown was deep enough to stay, spread and affect the supply and hence the entire manufacturing industry as a whole. Recession always brings with itself volatility in demand. Demand volatility is a double edged sword - any effort to ramp up or ramp down production by large volumes is prohibitively costly. If not, manufacturers are left with excess or deficit inventory or reduce prices/cost to boost demand. Neither is attractive as the industry already operates under tight margins and costs are fixed. Cutting down manufacturing costs is easier said than done. Some of the simpler but commonly overlooked solution is to increase operational efficiency of equipments. But efficiency cannot be increased unless it is objectively measured and more so, tracked. Calculating the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) rate is a crucial element of any serious commitment to reduce equipment and process related wastes. HCL's Diversified Manufacturing Practice has come out with several innovative IP based solution frameworks to address crucial challenges faced by Industrial Manufacturing firms. Enterprise Analytics Dashboard is one such solution that aims at presenting key Operational metrics like OEE, Availibility, Performance, Quality, Yield Rate on real-time basis.