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HCL VelocITy powered by Cisco - E-book

Organizations today are looking for an agile and resilient digital foundation to support the continuous demand for technology solutions. Finding the optimum path in their digital transformation journey can be challenging, especially considering legacy applications, multiple vendor environments, transformation timelines, and existing hardware investments. Enterprises around the globe are struggling to tackle increasing IT complexities while continuing to successfully deliver innovation at scale.

To address the changing needs of businesses, HCLTech has developed an innovative solution - VelocITy powered by Cisco. It is a multi-cloud offering based on a certified reference architecture that has been co-developed with the Cisco engineering team using validated and tested design, backed by the HCLTech DRYiCE framework. HCLTech VelocITy enables customers to abstract and automate digital foundation components, hereby accelerating their digital journey.

This e-book details prominent business use cases, key benefits, and specific customer success stories where HCLTech VelocITy-C, in collaboration with AppDynamics, can help enterprises gain business agility to innovate and deliver enhanced customer experiences, augmenting their overall competitiveness.

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