Improving Business Agility and Flexibility

How re-alignment of fragmented business process & IT systems can help build process flexibility ?

Travel industry is one of the key drivers of commission modeling, as being an asset heavy industry margins play a key role in the overall profitability of each supplier in the value chain. It is a known fact that traveling has transformed and will keep transforming to ensure it is a profitable investment for all. Evaluation over the last decade has paced when compared with the past two decades. To keep up to the pace of ever evolving travel industry, it is important that businesses are built on agile framework with high degree of flexibility.

HCL’s mode 1 is about sustaining leadership position and gaining market share of our partners, as we continue to leverage our DRYiCE Autonomics platform as the most powerful differentiator. To help our clients become Agile and Lean enterprises and deliver cost efficiency and operational stability. The module is designed to map overall business and application processes and build recommend automation to empower travel suppliers to pro-actively change their operations to ensure higher success of adoption leading to higher market share.