Enterprise Application Integration

What is enterprise application integration?

Enterprise Application Integration is the process of integrating Enterprise Applications using IT enabled systems. Enterprise Applications are crucial to the operations of various modern organisations and hence their integration is even more crucial to streamline all activities and ensure smooth functioning of enterprise level activities. Applications are integrated along a common platform and need to have data integration in the back end for smooth functioning of the integrated applications.


Traditional enterprise applications as they stand today require far too much training and are just too difficult to use effectively. They are neither user-friendly nor intuitive, and while the engine behind them is undoubtedly the best there is, the usability of applications and consistently poor user experience causes frustration and lower productivity among employees.


The organization is implementing a global CRM solution (VEEVA) to support its field and office based sales staff. Veeva SaaS solution is the chosen CRM system of choice which will be integrated with the organizations master data management systems and multitude of local systems that the organization and its subsidiaries across geographies have implemented to support sales, marketing and support functions.


Suppliers of IT to the science-based industries are looking at the attractive prospect of growing markets. In the case of Laboratory information Management Systems (LIMS), the worldwide market is set to expand from $210 million last year to $330 million by 2009, according to the market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Business enterprises have grown in size and markets they serve and their application systems have also become more complex. The need for application programming interfaces between these systems to share the data stored in these heterogeneous systems has escalated. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) provides the means of integrating these disparate applications within the enterprise. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables reuse of services. Emerging EAI tools help build integration as services and maximize reuse and the return on investment (ROI).