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Media & Entertainment

The Situation Today

With the advent of new forms of content, the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry has evolved into a dynamic and inter-connected global arena. Third Screen (cell phone-based content including video and music) has become the favored platform with an estimated 7 billion users, and growing.

Despite this, M&E companies face challenges in adapting to, and engaging with, their customers digitally. They are trying to cope with the effects of industry-wide transformation and the disruption that is being caused by co-existing traditional and new business models, changing consumer consumption habits and the need to compete across newer channels, which is increasing intellectual property misuse.

Thus, the industry is primed for digital experience, where digital interaction is directly affected by customers who are empowered, connected and playing an increasingly collaborative role in developing new products and services. Alternative content delivery platforms are increasing competition within the industry, and content is now being shaped around the consumer. With such a unique environment of 24*7 connectivity and collaboration, content alone will no longer be the differentiator, and as a result, some of the traditional business models will become obsolete.

What We Offer

HCL's Digital Systems Integration (DSITM) services provide M&E companies with a platform for innovation to create powerful, engaging, and integrated user experience. By optimizing their existing business models, these companies can invest in new content offerings and accelerate business transformation, to stay ahead of the curve.

HCL's DSITM services helps companies align to the evolving needs of their customers.  Through a robust data model, clients get a single view of their customers across multiple channels, helping them better manage their digital assets and rights. DSI also enables companies to produce and distribute multi-platform offerings, thereby creating the much needed differentiation in the market today.

What we've done for others

HCL has helped a number of media and entertainment organizations gain competitive advantage by delivering the following business benefits:

  • Enhanced scalability - High quality content experience across multiple screens, and increased audience reach through scalability in the content management and rendition process.

  • Improved operational efficiency - Providing collaboration, visibility, and template-driven flexibility to media producers through enhanced business process efficiencies derived from digital technologies

  • Improved accuracy and control - Ensuring validation for business rules in Rights Management and advertisement scheduling; ensuring support across the content life cycle and scheduled publishing

  • Reduced time to market - Real-time actionable insights for improved e-commerce sales and creating value with advertisers; enabling new customer acquisition via effective lead management.

  • Enhanced systems reliability - Fully future-proof system built on scalable architecture that supports future developments/ enhancements/ integration, and a robust platform that provides seamless integration with existing third parties and the client's internal systems

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.