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Analytics Solutions

While Social Media as a channel for interacting with customers has been there for a while, modern day brands have recently discovered its potential to add value to the age-old science of ‘Knowing Your Customer’. In today’s world, the importance of having a social channel presence is a widely accepted. Furthermore, the ability to derive sentiment out of the ongoing social chatter and convert it into meaningful insights is equally critical.

Therefore your brand needs to have the capability to create a lasting engagement with customers on the social channels, as they are a de-facto part of an integrated multi-channel strategy to drive higher Return on Investments (ROI). Consequently, modern day brands should have the ability to leverage what customers, partners and their competitors are saying on the social media, and influence new product development—thereby developing products shaped by real-world insights and real time analytics.

In short, social intelligence is moving beyond likes and shares to sentiment and insight and all of these are achieved by receiving proper business analytic solutions from a suitable organization.

HCL’s business intelligence solutions and Social Media Practice helps our publishing, media and entertainment customers leverage the full potential of Social by:

  • Creating an effective social channel presence.
  • Deriving the voice of the customer from the social sentiment about your brand.
  • Converting sentiment into meaningful insights by leveraging social scientists, IPs and frameworks.
  • Developing lasting social engagement with customers by leveraging Social CRM.
  • Deploying Social as an element of an integrated multi-channel strategy to drive higher ROI from marketing investments.
  • Mining social intelligence to drive new monetization models. 

Social Media Practice

HCL Social Listening and Analytics solutions help in identifies the voice of customer, delivers competitive intelligence and product research, and conducts customer profiling, segmentation and influencer identification. Similarly, HCL’s Social Campaign and Online Advertising tool helps to deliver social events, social campaigns, content personalization, content analytics and social advertising.

zCMO™ offering for Digital Marketing

HCL’s zCMO serves as a technology enabler helping Chief Marketing Officers(CMOs) run Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) driven campaigns to reach their customers at the Zero Moment. zCMO is an outcome of HCL’s technology and consulting capabilities aligning seamlessly with your existing agency’s ecosystem.

Digital Marketing Platform

HCL’s Digital Marketing Platform provides an accelerated framework that allows campaign planning, digital content and asset management, multi-channel campaign delivery and ROI analysis, and dashboards for measuring campaign and channel effectiveness.

Big Data and Business Intelligence

HCL’s big data and Business Intelligence (BI) practice leverages its partnerships with leading big data companies to deliver consumer insights and intelligence, predictive and inductive BI analytics and analytics on-demand. With BI analytics solutions one can get a distinctive competitive advantage over others. Additionally, HCL’s BI practice assists customers in planning and creating campaigns based on social insight.

Personalization Services

HCL offers collaborative, content, and knowledge-based filtering, and campaign design and delivery.

Representative Engagements:

  • HCL created the Blue Pages Sentiment Directory by combining data from 35+ internal systems and social data for a leading US financial institution thereby building a strong community with 98% satisfied members.
  • HCL developed a real-time framework for a leading cable television company in the US to determine the point of failure related to loading on network
  • HCL delivered multi-channel campaigns for a leading publisher including attribution analysis to identify channel effectiveness.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.