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HCLTech’s Digital Treasury as a Service

With the pace of growth and regulations in treasury management, the role of treasurers in supporting strategic business objectives is amplified. Treasurers across the world are looking to streamline treasury operations by creating a cost-effective platform to unlock new opportunities. Digital transformation in treasury will set the treasury agenda of the future.

HCLTech’s Digital Treasury as a Service is a proven, best-in-class, outcome focused solution that helps treasurers to reduce operating cost, lower time to market, and improve risk management with secure and future-proof treasury operations.

Business Situation



  • Shift from CAPEX to OPEX not only reduces total cost of ownership, but also conserves and optimizes cash resources
  • Hosted models and managed services have been a preferred choice across the industry
  • Acceleration in cloud technology adoption to achieve business agility, innovation and operational efficiency

Source: https://www.bcg.com/en-in/publications/2019/creating-digital-treasury-banking

Treasury Management Challenges

Key Outcomes: Digital Treasury as a Service

 Digital Treasury as a Service

Solution Accelerators

Engineering talent of HCLTech

Modern user experience: Web-enabled and customizable workspace-based application for improved decision making, live market data feeds and position updates and enhanced graphical capabilities for better data visualization.

MS Azure Data Center

MS Azure Cloud: Transform to cloud on a SaaS model, hosted on an MS Azure Data Center with a single point of ownership with HCLTech

ALT ASM Framework

ALT ASM Framework: For production support, continuous improvements and productivity benefits


HCLTech PEAK™ (Process Enhancement Automation Kit): A test automation framework that helps in reducing testing time by 60%

Key differentiators

Integrated platform

Integrated platform

  • A full-stack, integrated Finastra Fusion Opics solution on MS Azure Cloud
  • Highly automated cloud foundation

One-stop-shop for Treasury as a Service

  • Fully managed by HCLTech
  • Reduced TCO for financial institutions
World-class platform and services

World-class platform and services

  • A proven treasury platform with over 180+ live implementations
  • 40+ engagements by HCLTech with implementation and services


  • A continuously updated treasury platform
  • Be updated with regulatory changes
Resilient and scalable

Resilient and scalable

  • A resilient and scalable platform
  • Supports both business and technology scaling

Insights & News

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A US community based regional savings bank with 400+ branches

Strategic Partner for innovation and Tranformation

ADM and Analytics offerings


Rapid growth, increase in volumes, and the bank treasury mostly relying on spread sheets and fragmented systems.

HCLTech Solutions:
  • Quick to implement software
  • Front to back treasury assistance with multi asset support
  • Ability to scale to growing volumes
  • Seamless back-office operations with FX splits, netting and CLS
  • Nostro management
  • Best of the breed client confirmation management
Business Benefits:
  • SaaS provided an extension of the bank’s IT team
  • Lower TCO and faster time to market
  • Front to back integrated treasury

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