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What does digital mean to you? Is it a great website or an engaging app? Is it a powerful, modular, and open digital engagement platform that allows you to drive agility and speed? Or is it an opportunity to foster business transformation for Digital Age enterprises? We ask our customers these questions every day. At HCL’s Digital & Analytics division, we help design and build key platform components of customers’ Digital-Technology-Footprint ™ to power their Digital transformation journey.

After building powerful, immersive, as well as experiential platforms and infrastructure for more than 50 global customers, we understand that digital is a journey into fundamental business transformation that begins with reimagining existing business processes and user experiences. Our team of design-thinkers & industry-process experts help our customers break down barriers by combining deep knowledge of business processes with user-centered design principles – to truly visualize the potential of digital technology.

But what makes our process unique is that we are never ideating in a bubble. Digital Business Architectures, Technology platforms and Data Innovation makes business transformation a reality. HCL’s Digital & Analytics services brings its entire gamut of expertise – from consulting to implementation – to ensure that digital journeys can enable an end-to-end IT its transformation.

We believe that every enterprise has a unique DNA. We help amplify this uniqueness, through the power of digital technologies and analytics.

Anand Birje (CVP & Head – Digital & Analytics, HCL) discusses the State of Digital Transformation

Anand Birje (CVP & Head – Digital & Analytics, HCL) discusses the State of Digital Transformation


Enables flow of value in enterprises by aligning leadership, organization structure, operating model
Business value-focused composable architecture powered by automation to drive agility
Enables design of differentiating experiences and processes through research, strategy, optimization and transformation
Digital execution and operations through next-gen tools, DevOps processes and methodologies
Unlocking value through insights into processes, experience and organizational elements


Digital Consulting
Digital Consulting

We apply design-thinking approaches to help you re-imagine business processes and experiences and create a unique digital vision.Read More

Digital Applications & Platforms
Digital Applications & Platforms

Realize your digital vision by building digital platforms and applications, leveraging modern, lightweight, API-led, Micro-Services based technology architectures.Read More

Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics

Comprehensive data-lifecycle services to power digital platforms and applications with data-driven insight. Read More


Consumer Brand Interaction Platform

Modular and extensible platform that enables an organization to deploy a dialogue driven platform across multiple communication channels while ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Enterprise Content Management Platform

Fully managed solution to encapsulate the complexity associated with content management. ECMP makes content easier to manage and to be used as an underlying service.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Innovative digital marketing and experience solutions to enable marketers deliver contextual customer experiences across channels and journey touch points.

Data Movement Framework

Data Movement Framework is our proprietary solution to ingest data from multiple source systems to a data lake that hosts, processes, and publishes the data to different downstream systems.

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While customizing solutions for each of our customer needs, we leverage the best of breed and right fitment of platform/product from our large partner ecosystem.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="view-content"> <div class="container"> <div class="carousel-section"> <div class="item"> <div class="image-box"> <div class="image-container"><a aria-label="Adobe" tabindex="0" href="" rel="nofollow"><img class="img-responsive" title="Adobe" src="/sites/default/files/adobe_logo.jpg" alt="Adobe" width="190" height="57" /></a></div> </div> <h4><a aria-label="Adobe" tabindex="0" href="" rel="nofollow">Adobe</a></h4> </div> <div class="item"> <div class="image-box"> <div class="image-container"> <a aria-label="PEGA" tabindex="0" href="" rel="nofollow"> <img class="img-responsive" title="PEGA" src="" alt="PEGA" width="185" height="94" /></a></div> </div> <h4><a aria-label="PEGA" tabindex="0" href="" rel="nofollow">PEGA</a></h4> </div> <div class="item"> <div 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Our Partnerships with software product vendors combined with thought leadership, deep domain understanding, and end to end systems integration capabilities enable us to provide industry leading digital solutions for the customer, resulting in their success. While customizing solutions for each of our customer needs, we leverage the best of breed and right fitment of platform/product from our large partner ecosystem.

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