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What does digital mean to you? Is it a great website or an engaging app? Is it a powerful, modular, and open digital engagement platform that allows you to drive agility and speed? Or is it an opportunity to foster business transformation for Digital Age enterprises? We ask our customers these questions every day. At HCL’s Digital & Analytics division, we help design and build key platform components of customers’ Digital-Technology-Footprint ™ to power their Digital transformation journey.

After building powerful, immersive, as well as experiential platforms and infrastructure for more than 50 global customers, we understand that digital is a journey into fundamental business transformation that begins with reimagining existing business processes and user experiences. Our team of design-thinkers & industry-process experts help our customers break down barriers by combining deep knowledge of business processes with user-centered design principles – to truly visualize the potential of digital technology.

But what makes our process unique is that we are never ideating in a bubble. Digital Business Architectures, Technology platforms and Data Innovation makes business transformation a reality. HCL’s Digital & Analytics services brings its entire gamut of expertise – from consulting to implementation – to ensure that digital journeys can enable an end-to-end IT its transformation.

We believe that every enterprise has a unique DNA. We help amplify this uniqueness, through the power of digital technologies and analytics.

Anand Birje (CVP & Head – Digital & Analytics, HCL) discusses the State of Digital Transformation

Anand Birje (CVP & Head – Digital & Analytics, HCL) discusses the State of Digital Transformation


Enables flow of value in enterprises by aligning leadership, organization structure, operating model
Business value-focused composable architecture powered by automation to drive agility
Enables design of differentiating experiences and processes through research, strategy, optimization and transformation
Digital execution and operations through next-gen tools, DevOps processes and methodologies
Unlocking value through insights into processes, experience and organizational elements


Digital Consulting

We apply design-thinking approaches to help you re-imagine business processes and experiences and create a unique digital vision.Read More

Digital Applications & Platforms

Realize your digital vision by building digital platforms and applications, leveraging modern, lightweight, API-led, Micro-Services based technology architectures. Read More

Data & Analytics

Comprehensive data-lifecycle services to power digital platforms and applications with data-driven insight.Read More


SaaS offers pay-as-you-go model for software, with anytime, anywhere access from any device. SaaS solutions are an ideal replacement for high-value, low-complexity applications hosted on premise. Read More

Sustainability Services

At HCL, we leverage our digital transformation prowess, engineering mindset, sustainability-specific partnerships, and solutions to collaborate with our clients.Read More


Application 360

Brings the fragmented Agile & DevOps processes and tooling to enable data-driven decisions that helps enterprises align their digital strategy with execution. The framework leverages AI / ML module to predict execution outcomes along with reporting on industry standard DORA metrics.

ADvantage Code

Brings acceleration in engineering life cycle of digital programs. The platform automates “Model Driven Development” for cloud native applications adhering to principles.

ADvantage DPA

A set of solutions, implementation frameworks and playbook that accelerate implementation of DPA based solutions or platforms. For global implementations of DPA, these provide the speed and consistency needed for success.

ADvantage Modernize

A framework for transformation of applications from various states of legacy, technical & functional debts to modern state through a multitude of automation led treatments and cloud migration, to fit the context of the applications and achieve business goals.


HCL’s modern platform for delivering “Extended Reality” experiences through state of the art tools and reusable digital assets. This platform enables both designers and developers to collaborate seamlessly to deliver the immersive Apps to customers.

ADvantage Experience

ADvantage Experience is a cross platform solution to build marketing and experience technology solutions faster and efficiently using leading digital experience platforms such as Adobe, Sitecore, Acquia and Drupal.

ADvantage Data

Data platforms built on principles of data fabric to make data available and accessible in a timely manner for enterprise and customer centric consumption services. This is coupled with lean data management enabled by Automation, AI, ML and Knowledge Ecosystem.


Our Partnerships with software product vendors combined with thought leadership, deep domain understanding, and end to end systems integration capabilities enable us to provide industry leading digital solutions for the customer, resulting in their success. While customizing solutions for each of our customer needs, we leverage the best of breed and right fitment of platform/product from our large partner ecosystem.

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Anand Birje

Anand Birje

President, Digital Business Services

Anand Birje

Anand is the President of Digital Business Services at HCL Technologies. In this role, he drives the practice’s overall growth and services strategy including global corporate development, strategic partnerships and next-generation services.

With over 20 years of industry experience across IT Applications, Infrastructure, and Cloud, Anand has driven major acquisitions and investments for HCL in the US and Europe. He has played a key role in shaping the company’s organic & inorganic strategies for ITO & Digital services.

Shyam Enjeti

Shyam Enjeti

Executive Vice President, Digital Business Services

Shyam Enjeti

Shyam is part of HCL’s Digital Business Services Leadership team and is responsible for the Digital Applications, Platforms, Data & Analytics Practice, Product Management and Pre-Sales functions. Since 2010 Shyam has progressively grown from being a Key Enterprise Architect to becoming one of the Global Leaders for HCL’s Digital Business Services. Shyam is extremely passionate about technology and has the ability to understand the best way to solve a business problem. Shyam has 20 years of industry experience across Enterprise Application Development, Integration, SOA, API & Web Services Security Product Development, Data & Analytics and Cloud adoption. Shyam has a Master’s of Science Degree from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA and a Bachelor’s of Engineering from Bangalore University, India

Rachel Powers

Rachel Powers

Senior Vice President - Digital Consulting, Digital Business Services

Rachel Powers

Rachel is the Senior Vice President for Digital Consulting solutions at our Digital Business Services. She has been part of the industry for well over 2-decades and specializes in building innovative products and services. She has lent her expertise to some of the biggest brands in the world including, Apple, Google, Cisco, Oracle, etc. Rachel is the recipient of many awards and industry recognitions including Best of Innovation Honoree at CES, IDEA Design Excellence Award, GOOD Design Award, Red Dot Design Award Core77 Design Award etc.

Sadagopan S

Sadagopan S

Executive Vice President, Digital Business Services, SaaS and Oracle

Sadagopan S

Sadagopan is the Executive Vice President for Executive Vice President, Digital Business Services, SaaS and Oracle. A dynamic and visionary leader known for building culturally diverse, high performance team centric units; Sadagopan has an impressive track record of building cutting edge practices, and instituting processes for dynamic growth environments. Over the years, he has led innovation efforts to create new practice areas, and successfully grown revenues and profits.

In his current leadership role, Sadagopan focuses on the niche skills in the area of customer relationship management, supply chain management, human capital management enabling new client experiences, creating new customer markets, & fragmenting markets to reshape existing value chains. He is also a regular contributor/speaker at premier industry, analyst and investor forums.

Ajay Bhate

Ajay Bhate

Associate Vice President, Digital Business Services

Ajay Bhate

Ajay heads the Business Operations and Strategy function for HCL’s Digital Business Services practice. In this role, he is responsible for the strategic direction and day to day operational decisions for this business. He works closely across different functions to increase bookings, productivity and overall efficiency in meeting and exceeding corporate objectives for this business.

In his prior roles, Ajay was responsible for M&A for the ITO and Digital businesses in US and Europe, including actual business integration as well as driving organic growth for the company’s ITO business in the US.