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Business Process Consulting


The disruptive era of the digital age has provided a breakthrough in opportunities for organizations to interact and get closer to their customers. Customers, in turn, are enjoying digital technology, demanding this outstanding experience and service, thus pushing the boundaries across the business value chain. Companies foreseeing this demand and embracing the transition, are investing in rapid digitalization of business processes to enhance the overall enterprise experience.

To be a successful enterprise in the digital age, a drastic new approach which extends beyond process engineering is to reinvent and reimagine these business processes by keeping the user at its center. It needs to take into consideration the ‘human centered needs’ alongside ‘process enablement’ to ensure a seamless flow of information across nodes and customer touch points across the value chain.

We combine core process re-engineering, design thinking, and experience design to rapidly digitize the ecosystem of processes to realize the ultimate end user experiences

  • Maturity assessment on customer centricity & process digitalization
  • User centricity through persona based digital process enablement
  • Evaluating opportunities for process automation and business process optimization
  • Enabling information driven real-time decision making processes
  • Challenging the status quo and digitalization of processes that enable efficiencies and competitive advantage

Our unique approach is centered around empathy keeping customer and user at epicenter and laying out a framework that plots key nodes, process hand-off’s, and system enablement. The framework includes compliance challenges, systems integration, information flow, and work force enablement to cover all aspects of business operations. With the use of agile design and prototyping methods, the goal is to maximize investments by building minimal viable products with the eventual outcome through rapid digitization.

This approach drives overall uptick in enterprise experience from customers across the enterprise and efficiency gain by eliminating non-value add process & automation of mundane activities. It also leads to design of intelligent processes across systems & teams through integration & automation.


Process ReDiscovery

Optimizing value from processes by understanding time, cost, ROI and users associated with it.

Process Digitalization

End to end business process transformation through an experience-centric model.