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Business Efficiency Platforms


To truly become digital, it is imperative for enterprises to transform and modernize not just the customer-facing applications, but also backend processes and applications.

HCLTech Business Productivity practice focusses on the right proportion, the right placement & the right mix of the process (Brain), integration (Heart) and automation (Muscle) to make a Digital Impact!!

Digital Integration Services:

Businesses with multiple touchpoints need collaboration and connectivity between the applications, data, and processes. Enterprise integration is undoubtedly the ‘Heart’ that enables organizations to implement projects involving any combination of cloud-resident and on-premises endpoints, including APIs, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

HCLTech’s Business Productivity practice focuses on business transformation through Integrations that touch million lives everyday ranging from Internet Banking Transaction to Mobile Connection Activation to Ordering Groceries from Departmental Stores to Patient Health records.

Digital Process Automation:

IT leaders today are facing overwhelming challenges around application delivery. Improving operational efficiency and reducing overheads with a platform-based approach is one of the most common digital requirements in every CIO’s priority checklist.

HCLTech brings together its capabilities around traditional and modern integration paradigms, process re-engineering and optimization using Digital Process Automation (DPA)—a combination of Business Process Management (BPM), case management techniques, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) methodologies to achieve holistic process transformation.


ADvantage™ Code for MuleSoft

The ADvantage™ Code for Mule introduces Mule specific catalogs that use code snippets and reusable sub-flows to generate scaffolding code for Mule flows. It helps in completing the tasks which are usually done by developers to ensure the code is DevOps-enabled. Hence the developers only need to concentrate on the business logic with performing any repetitive tasks. Thus helping enterprises to automate and kick-start any project in little or no time.

ADvantage™ Boomi

A set of accelerators, implementation frameworks and playbook that accelerate, and provide speed and consistency for implementation of Dell Boomi based Integration Implementations.


The ADePT framework, using BWCE, helps customers identify the advantages of a cloud agnostic micro services platform. Any application that can benefit by moving to a container platform can leverage this solution.


Real-time Operational Analytics and Reporting framework (ROAR), addresses the shortfalls of the traditional approaches for storing operational data in a standard RDBMS, and computing KPIs in batch operations for operational dashboards. With the ability to scale up automatically, owing to Hadoop, ROAR is used by leading enterprises to discover business insights from operational data.

ADvantage™ Pega

ADvantage Pega offering under the end-to-end portfolio of Digital Process Automation services, is a set of solutions, implementation frameworks and playbook that accelerate implementation of Pega based solutions or platforms.

ADvantage™ RPA

A set of ready to use/customizable RPA Bots , extendable and reusable frameworks and Integrated reporting and monitoring tools that accelerate and improve large RPA Implementations and guarantees speed and consistency needed for success.


Integration Foundation Services

Integration Foundation Services

Jump start the enterprise-wide implementation of the integration platform with the right architecture, governance practices and reusable assets.

Enterprise-ready integration platform that provides seamless integration capability with on-premise enterprises and legacy applications. Additional advantages include integration with extended partner or aggregator and reseller, integration with cloud and SaaS applications, and agile and lean delivery service.


Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

Support for cloud integration patterns, lighter footprint deployments, multiple OOTB application and technology adapters make IPaaS platforms a tool of choice for many scenarios in today’s digital economy.

In this model, HCLTech provides the required product licenses, designs and builds the platform, and supports the stack under a single managed services umbrella.

Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Surround SaaS – Integration Re-Defined

With more and more digital native companies adopting rapid-build, rapid-deploy approach, an Integration stream focusing on connecting these applications to enterprises becomes the need of the hour. HCLTech has developed competency to leverage newer technologies to offer simpler, low-code, feature-rich, robust solutions focused primarily on integration with SaaS Applications.

BotWorks for Enterprise

Digital Process Automation

Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are no longer complete solutions in isolation. HCLTech offers Intelligent Automation powered by decisioning (or data science/analytics) & RPA, with added capabilities on AI/ML, Cognitive RPA, omni-channel integration, DevOps, headless BPM, integration with IoT devices, and blockchain.

BotWorks for Enterprise

BotWorks for Enterprise

BotWorks offers a full spectrum of services to support the customers’ end-to-end automation journey. We follow a one-stop-shop approach with a fully loaded automation proposition that provides a host of services—from advice to execution and management, as well as scale-up services.