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ADvantage Azure Intelligent Assistant


ADvantage Azure Intelligent Assistant is a true digital manifestation of human-machine partnership through intelligent business conversations for diverse queries, requests and reactive or proactive actions in both the enterprise and the consumer worlds on various industry-specific business functions. The key differentiators of this product is that it is technology agnostic, power-user managed and caters to a multi-brain architecture for infinite scalability with zero redundancy and omnichannel AI.  Some of its core technical features include technology-neutral hosting and implementation, power user-driven configuration, efficient feedback dissemination and automated ingestion, use case driven user interface, multi-brain management, recipe management and quick orchestration with backend systems. A voice-enabled platform, it enables multi-user conversations wherein the conversational assistant becomes just one of the multiple communicating parties.

ADvantage Azure Intelligent Assistant enables three major service pillars:

  • Advisory Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Support Services


Enterprise Digital Assistant for the Workforce

Addresses queries and performs transactions through conversational interfaces for all or any digital operation required within an enterprise for its workforce, vendors, partners etc. This avatar serves cross departments like HR, Admin, Facilities, Finance etc.

Application Lifecycle Management

Conversational Platform for Application Life Cycle Management (CALM) – Supports an enterprise in their modern application development or application modernization journey and helps ease typical pains around such “scale digital” journeys.

Conversational Commerce Intelligence Virtual Agent

Covers conversation-based commerce functions starting from content authoring and intelligence around it till Cart Management, Order Processing, Status Enquiry and Conflict Resolution.

Process Automation Interface

Works as the interaction interface with users for execution of a process in automation cycle where Robotic Process Automation Engine and Business Process Management Flows, making an end-to-end automation possible.

CRM Automation Agent

Serves as CRM virtual executive dealing with any Sales or Marketing or Service related operations typically done by CRM agents along with seamless integration with Live Agent system to make for a better customer service experience.

FAQ Provider in Intranet Portals

Offers a simple way to deploy a conversational assistant to address questions based on contents of Intranet or corporate portals.

Report and Dashboard Management

Collates data from multiple sources and enables generation of consolidated Dashboard to display on the chat itself, enabling multi-user collaboration.


Generation & Supply

As Retail Banking Operation Assistant in Financial Industry – Delivers standard Retail Banking Operations (query as well as transactions) in conversational mode while ensuring complete data security.

Transmission & Distribution

For Clinical Trial Management in Healthcare Industry – Helps in Clinical Trial Management, a critical process in Pharmaceutical world by simplifying processes and filling the gaps through automation and reducing cost impacts considerably.

Customer & Retail

For On-Call Order-Taking and Management in Retail Industry – Enables on-call order-taking for retail houses as a virtual agent making the customer engagement and satisfaction high enough for conversion into business.

Enterprise Digital Services

For Claim Automation Solution in Insurance domain – Operates as the conversational agent for helping the claimant with all queries around incidents on sensor-driven claim generation, thus automating the process and reducing dependency and execution time drastically.


As Retail Banking Operation Assistant in Financial Industry – Delivers standard Retail Banking Operations (query as well as transactions) in conversational mode while ensuring complete data security.


Intelligent Assistant - Advisory Services
Advisory service


  • Business Case Identification and Preparation & ROI
  • Pilot, Use Case distribution across Pilot and MVPs
  • AI Governance, Change Management and Adoption Planning


  • Technology Platform Fitment
  • Technology Readiness Determination
  • Technical Feasibility study for Business Roadmap defined
Intelligent Assistant - Implementation Services
Implementation service

Discovery & Analysis

  • Requirement Gathering / EPIC-Story Building
  • Requirement Analysis / Backlog Analysis


  • Low Level Technical Architecture
  • Integration and Security Design


  • Configuration of Channels & Scripting for instance
  • Creation of intents and Learning in AI engine
  • Connectivity with backend system
  • Functional, Integration, Performance & Security testing

Technical Guidance

Intelligent Assistant - Support Services
Support service

Regular Monitoring

  • Health Check
  • Proactive Issue Identification


Continuous Training


  • Change in Configuration due to change in other ecosystem variable
  • Configuration of newly added brain and Cloud settings


  • Fixing Issues reported based on Priority / Severity Level defined
  • Proactive fixes based on Monitoring information