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Modern Application Development

Modern Apps - Overview

The complexity in an application development landscape arising out of adoption of DevSecOps, Digital QA Practices, Cloud Native PaaS, APIs and Microservices have resulted in many Modern Application Development (AD) projects either delayed or not delivering value in time. A post-mortem of such projects has revealed one or more causes:

  • Lack of right Operating Model and Team Competency and Constructs
  • Automation and Quality Assurance is an afterthought and not baked in from Day 1 (In-Sprint Automation)
  • Lack of Standardization, Quality Controls leading to inconsistent and unmaintainable applications
  • Duplicated effort in setting up common technical frameworks (viz. DevSecOps, QA, Monitoring etc..)
  • Inefficient ways of tracking and monitoring health of the program. E.g. No Centralized Dashboard.

As a Modern AD Practice, we offer a platform-based DevSecOps and Digital QA approaches leveraging modern technologies to Plan, Design, Build, Deploy, and Manage such applications with a focus on Cloud First and Mobile First architectures. Our platform-based approach ensures the technology capabilities are composable, can be assembled and leveraged via the frameworks that we have built as part of the platform, significantly easing the modern technology adoption.


ADvantage Code

ADvantage Code is a platform to accelerate engineering lifecycle of cloud native applications. It enables model-driven development by taking design models as input to auto-generating code, DevOps pipelines and monitoring; thus speeding up the ideation to rollout cycle of applications.


App360 platform provides unified dashboards to draw insights from various DevSecOps & agile tools. It showcases engagement level metrics aligned to SAFe & DORA standards and helps teams to make data driven preventive and corrective decisions.

HDAP (HCLTech Digital Application Platform)

HDAP standardizes and simplifies journey to operationalize Digital Platform at customer landscape to improve time-to-market for business applications. It bootstraps a platform standardized from design to runtime for applications.

ADvantage ALM

ADvantage ALM is a DevSecOps framework with collaborative people practices, lean processes and integrated tools. It improves productivity using best practices in delivering IT products with transparency, increased release velocity, code quality and reliability assurance.

Cloud Assess

Provides online assessment of Cloud Native Maturity for applications to cover several areas from Cloud Adoption, Cloud Journey Planning and Recommendations to achieve highest Maturity.

ADvantage DevOps

HCLTech’s ADvantage DevOps is an overarching framework that mitigates manual dependencies, enables LowOps, provides standard set of common services for product teams to perform day-to-day operations using highly automated self-service solutions. With GitOps, it enables automated management of Infrastructure, platform and application configuration.


AD on Cloud

AD On Cloud

Our Cloud AD Services include Advisory, Transformation, Implementation, Management and Enablement. We help Design and Implement cloud native solutions with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud approaches in partnership with leading CSPs such as AWS, VMware, IBM and Red Hat OpenShift.

APIs and Microservices

APIs and Microservices

Advisory services for API & Microservices strategy, landscaping, discovery and adoption. Apart from that we enable accelerated API development and containerization of independent and scalable services.


DevSecOps COE

DevSecOps consulting, secure SDLC practices with CI/CD based ALM Platform aligned with DORA outcome-based services & SRE model

Low Code Platforms

LowCode Platforms

Enabling accelerated delivery of business applications by leveraging a range of pre-built middleware services with cross-platform compatibility. We offer services related to platform selections and low code application platform as a service.


Digital QA

Digital QA provides Framework and Methodology that enables Quality across SDLC with test automation, AI/ML based testing and shift-left practices where all stakeholders contribute towards quality.