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Big Data Lake


In a data-driven world, businesses are seeking greater access to data and flexibility to drive innovations. At present, Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW) are the mainstay of data analytics and data research across organizations. An EDW offers advantages of efficiency and scales to cater to more structured data across different functions in an organization. However, it is not equipped to tackle the challenges in analyzing unstructured and semi-structured data. In managing their data requirements, organizations need to move from a Data Repository system to a more holistic approach offered by HCL’s Big Data Lake capabilities.

Big Data Lake

Organizations today must have big data tools and technologies and the techniques to gather any data and cut the time-to-insights for decisions makers, customers, suppliers, and employees. HCL’s approach is to enable a unified platform integrating new digitally focused business processes to facilitate innovation providing our customer with competitive advantages. Business use cases include price optimization, digital data enablement, predictive analytics, compliance reporting, and process offloading and platform modernization.

Using HCL’s Big Data Lake, businesses have timely access to data enabling deeper and more holistic analysis of all the enterprise data assets. The Big Data Lake co-exists with traditional EDW and ETL platforms expanding business case around increasing functionality. The Big Data Lake will enable a business to innovate and operate at the speed of digital commerce with rapid access to any data and right analytics.


HCL’s Big Data Lake offers multiple advantages –

  • Low cost of storing data
  • Provide superior data for analytics - Reduce downtime by predicting failure, optimize maintenance plans, placements of spars; Enable business users to use data science insight analysis
  • Improving the customer experience - Know the voice of the customer and identify social networks to incorporate sentiment, preferences, and opinion into ideation and product research. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and a much-enhanced customer experience.
  • Creating competitive advantages – Leveraging our cutting-edge data analytics capabilities gives you an edge over the rest. Digital banking initiatives like Communication surveillance (identify and raise for review, trading anomalies), fraud and log analysis are some of the areas where Big Data Lake can offer you a competitive advantage.
  • Lower risk – Using our advanced Big Data Lake capabilities and big data technologies can lead to much shorter lead time to insights, enabling a proactive and preemptive approach to risk management.
  • Regulatory compliance – tackling complex global regulations and FATCA/GATCA reporting for regulatory compliance can be simplified using Big Data Lake.
  • HCL’s global experience, scalable resources coupled with Big Data assets and a strong partner ecosystem provide a comprehensive Big Data Lake offering to the customer

What we’ve done for others

  • Preventive maintenance for better reliability and service (for a US based design & manufacturer of aircraft)
    • Service reliability improved by 40% by identifying a path to optimize the data sets and logs available through big data proposition and manage it as part of Operations & Performance Analytics Group
    • Established “as-a-service” framework for sustenance of service benchmarks
  • Predictive Analytics for Better Engine Health (for a leading manufacturer of Air Fleet)
    • Engine performance improves by 25% through predictive maintenance and identifying correlation factors that influence the engine performance

The Big Data Lake concept comprises three key constructs:

  • Industrialize data acquisition
  • Harmonize and unify data storage
  • Personalizing data delivery and analytics
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.