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What is web experience management?

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Web Experience Management

What is web experience management?

Web Experience Management is a process of managing the all-round experience of the web user across various touch points in the journey through an organisation’s web presence. With the evolution of the internet and presence of organisations across various platforms online, web experience is not limited only to the website of the organisation, but also the presence across multiple channels such as social networking and professional networking sites and multiple platforms such as mobile devices, etc. Web experience management is responsible for managing the overall experience across channels and across platforms.


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The healthcare industry is going through a shift in the way the business has been conducted. In this context, a superior customer experience management strategy would allow the health plan to provide a differentiated experience to their existing and prospective customer base. HCL along with its partner vendors offers an integrated and enterprise approach for Payers to provide a differentiated and superior customer experience across multiple channels through it Member Experience Management Solution.