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Integrated Lifecycle Management (ILCM)


Organizations are leveraging the global engineering workforce to address frequent product release schedules and deliver superior quality. Inadequate insights and delayed communication are common as a result of multiple processes and disparate tools.

Project Management is moving from traditional to a more agile mode where managing change is an integral part of daily project management. To have greater control on projects and resources, a real-time view of engineering and management data becomes critical.

Our Integrated Lifecycle Management (iLCM) comprises a unique service delivery framework that helps integrate people, processes, tools, and technologies across the product lifecycle. We enable flexible process automation and facilitate up to 10% improvement in resource utilization as well as productivity. iLCM can reduce program/project management effort by up to 50%.

Here are a few cases which exemplify our steadfast commitment to optimizing operational efficiencies:

  • An independent software vendor succeeded in reducing overall effort by 5% through test workflow automation of a number of non-value added activities over the end-to-end testing lifecycle.
  • An aerospace-customer saved 62% of weekly effort towards planning and tracking and 5% overall project team effort.

Key Features


Configurable Workflows

Achieving greater control on different types of activities within an engagement with in-built SLA model

Configurable Realtime Interactive Dashboards

Enabling a single collated view of all engineering and management data

Self Service Reports

Accelerating daily, weekly and ad-hoc report creations

Proactive alert system

Providing insight at all levels of engagement

Core Flex Resource Management

Facilitating dynamic ramp ups and downs: supporting a workforce with diverse skills and experience


Support for ad-hoc activity management, test management across multiple types of product lifecycle

Change Request Management

Manage creation and follow-ups of change requests rolling up from task to activity to project level

Clarifications Management

Manage creation and follow-ups of clarifications at various levels of a project.


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