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Customers Seek Best-In-Class Product Experiences

Today, the most successful organizations across industries have a few things in common. They strive to improve customer experiences, align to tech trends faster, and are extremely efficient in their R&D investments. It is no longer sufficient to simply design products that meet customer needs. It’s now imperative to create an engaging relationship as well. With products having shorter lifespans and customers having more options to choose from, the real lifetime value of a customer can only be realized by companies who are consumed with a determination to provide differentiated and flawless customer experiences.

Enabling Next-generation Enterprises

In an environment of increasing product complexity and dynamic markets, the success of a global organization will be defined by its ability to control product costs, leverage productivity gains, and enable seamless intersection of embedded software and hardware. The Next-generation Enterprise must also facilitate the success of smart products and enable efficient calibration of all operations for a smooth transition from asset-led to information-driven processes.

As a global engineering services provider, we help organizations maintain their competitive advantage, through an integrated strategy that facilitates continuous cost improvement across the product realization value stream, while accelerating revenue growth through innovation. Leveraging combined strengths in mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and electronics and engineering IT, we bring together a blend of traditional and next generation global engineering services and global engineering solutions, enabling customers to achieve productivity targets. That's why we are the preferred global engineering consultancy firm and engineering services provider for leading organizations. Read More

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CTO Straight Talk is a part of the HCL Straight Talk program, our award-winning thought leadership platform. Winner of 2016 BMA Award for Best Custom Published Magazine, it provides a practitioner-led editorial platform for product engineering professionals to leverage technology across industries and domains.

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The modern IT landscape is driven by innovation, a strong focus on customer-centricity, and future-proof strategic blueprint. We adopt research as an ‘approach’, garnering tangible outcomes and paving new business pathways. We combine our passion for engineering with extensive experience in technology implementations to ideate successful products. Our dedicated Engineering R&D Services (ERS) lab proactively governs Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes with state-of-the art digital solutions. Our solutions embrace modular frameworks, tightening the SDLC via reusable components and customized blueprints. Our ‘fail-fast’ approach for prototype development enables swift and accurate demand-production alignment.

Electronic device automation testing

Automates the manual test processes of electronic devices to expand test coverage, reduce time-to-market, and lower costs. Read More

Intelligent Sustenance Engineering
Intelligent Sustenance Engineering (ISE)

Deploys the power of product intelligence, big data and analytics to ensure that product sustenance is efficient, responsive, and cost effective. Read More

Intelligent Tech Support
Intelligent Tech Support (ITS)

Expands the scope of tech support and ensures improved operational efficiency of existing infrastructure through its advanced analytics capabilities.

Platform Acceleration Suite
Platform Acceleration Suite (PAS)

Offers a foundation on which global software application can be architected by leveraging reusable software components, packaged application frameworks, and automation tools, employed by testers and developers. Read More

Platform for Acceleration of NexGen Engineering Analytics
Platform for Acceleration of NexGen Engineering Analytics (PANGEA)

Enables product managers to take intelligent decisions on multiple aspects of product development, sustenance support, and management. Read More


A telemetry solution to accelerate actionable insights to improve decision making and drive fact-based strategic planning, using patented machine learning algorithms. Read More

Network Service Assurance
Network Service Assurance

An AI/ML analytics based solution that helps in optimizing network operations and improves network quality, to automatically reduce, correlate and analyze network incidents – in real time. Read More

Test Automation Framework
Test Automation Framework (TAF)

A test automation service delivery platform, providing end-to-end solutions for application testing across mobile, web, desktop, and embedded platforms. Read More

HCL Optimus
HCL Optimus

An intelligent automation platform to accelerate your product testing, sustenance and operations, leveraging HCL’s proprietary test, AI and machine learning frameworks.

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Today, HCL partners with a majority of the global top 100 R&D corporations. The largest and longest engineering outsourcing partnerships in the world are with HCL Engineering and R&D Services.