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Intelligent Tech Support (ITS)


Modern organizations are constantly struggling to manage time and cost efficiencies, while supporting existing products. With evolved customers, a below par experience provided by support teams could hamper business relationships. HCLTech, thus realized the potential of intelligent and predictive analytics to change the way support works. We have identified this across industries such as software, telecom, aerospace and medical devices, and thus built a solution called ITS (Intelligent Tech Support) that expands the reach of proactive support assisting end users, support engineers and managers alike.


Identify Product Support Issues -> Understand Relevant Product Data (Structured & Unstructured) -> Create Models & Insights for Support Teams and Customers

Beyond cost and timeline effectiveness, organizations must harness advanced IT tools and platforms. Technical support solutions of this kind would drive a unique value proposition. These services not only boost CSATs but also enable proactive problem solving and new business generation.

We realize the potential of intelligent and predictive analytics to revolutionize the support pipeline. We recommend an amalgam of support best practices and next-gen technologies to optimize customer service across domains, software, telecom, aerospace, and medical devices.

Our Intelligent Tech Support (iTS) solution expands the reach of customer service while assisting end users, support engineers, and managers. Our scalable framework employs natural language processing (NLP) for proactive tech support even in heterogeneous environments.

Our clients have reduced MTTR and improved productivity with the iTS webapp, and eliminated manual interventions for issue resolution.

Organizations deploying HCLTech’s Intelligent Tech Support solution have garnered the following benefits:

  • 15-20% increase in productivity
  • 15-25% reduction in support volume
  • Elimination of knowledge void from attrition, transition and deskilling

Key Features


ITS Autobot
ITS Autobot

An AI based conversation agent that empowers users to do self service

Smart Faq

A personalized FAQ for customers which identifies the categories, questions and related issues

Issue and Solution Identification
Issue and Solution Identification

Provides support workforce with proactive insights on existing issues customers face

Related and Known Issues
Related and Known Issues

Issues in correlated areas and existing issues for right communication with the customer

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