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With changing consumer behaviors and preferences, there is tremendous pressure on enterprises to remain relevant. The new normal is accelerating increased adoption of consumerization technologies and experiences across home, workplace, manufacturing floors, and public spaces for enhancing consumer engagement, convenience, safety, and security.

Intelligent insights are driving the next phase of growth for enterprises. AI-based solutions are being used to discover experiential insights to drive innovation. There is a greater emphasis on creating a differentiated and world-class consumer experience which is driving significant investment in consumerization technologies like Computer Vision, Embedded AI, Speech/Text /NLP, Edge Computing, AR/VR, etc. as well as in consumer-centric platforms. It is the consumer’s journey that dictates the enterprise strategy. With the recent pandemic situation, as touch becomes taboo in the New Normal, contactless technologies are seeing significant traction.

HCLTech uses its strong product engineering background, investments in technology innovations, and experience of working with leading enterprises to provide customers with the required scale and speed in consumerization services. HCLTech’s consumerization offerings enable customers to conceptualize, build, deploy, and sustain turn-key systems and solutions.


Retail / CPG

  • Voice enabled Vending Machines
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Footfall Analysis
  • User Profiling & Recommendations


  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Fault Monitoring
  • AI Assisted Product Testing
  • Automation with Cobots
  • Predictive Maintenance


  • DR / Glaucoma Detection with Vision algorithms
  • Voice enabled and touch-free Clinical Healthcare Systems




  • AI Assisted Cooking
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • Auto Replenishment
  • Assisted Living
  • Home Controls




  • Warehouse Automation
  • Demand Prediction
  • Intelligent Sorting
  • AI powered Visual Inspection
  • Computer Vision Inventory Management



HCLTech’s Consumerization services cater to the three key areas of consumerization: Cognitive solutions development, Consumer-centric Platform Development, and Intelligent Edge Platform development. HCLTech offers comprehensive services across all these areas to build a consumer-centric, scalable, global holistic solutions.

Connected Design

Cognitive Solutions

Computer Vision Solutions Development, NLP and Speech Solutions Development, and Cognitive Data Engineering Solution Development.

Connected Manufacturing

Consumer Centric Platforms

Platform Lifecycle Services, Platform API Ecosystem. Architecture and Development, Platform Partner Ecosystem Management and Support and Consumer Device Development.

Connected Products and Services

Intelligent EDGE Platforms

Edge Platform Consulting, Development, Testing and Sustenance.

Solutions and accelerators


  • A comprehensive workplace safety and compliance solution, as enterprises prepare their workplaces for the new normal.


  • A platform which accelerates end-to-end Cognitive solution development and deployment on Edge & Cloud.


  • An AI assisted semi-automated annotation tool with workflow management.

iTAF (Intelligent Triage Automation Framework)

Process Transformation
  • Analytics-driven triage automation framework for reducing triage effort significantly. iTAF also helps fix bugs quickly.


  • Automation solution for voice-assistant or speech interface testing. Makes use of gTAF Test Automation Framework.