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Digital technologies are drastically disrupting asset-intensive business sectors such as automotive, aerospace & defense, industrial equipment, medical devices, consumer goods, and semiconductors, thus compelling them to re-strategize their offerings and business models. This reorientation, coupled with the need for expertise in diverse and evolving high-end digital technologies such as Cloud, IoT, AR/VR, 5G, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep learning, has far-reaching implications on capital and operational economics, customer relationships, business processes, user experiences, and research & development.

Reconfiguring products to turn them into connected and intelligent smart products is not a trivial extension to the current PDLC (Product Development Life Cycle) or SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) of the product. It requires a combination of nuanced architecture, design, and build capabilities to incorporate a stack of cutting-edge hardware and software technologies within the asset to infuse intelligence and proficiency. These come at a cost—that of skill, power, computation, and storage.

A crucial balance between cost and performance will make or break the products. An equally important element that is external to the product is the platform, where various stakeholders and external partners engage; this is integral to the product attaining its full intended value. The building, running, and managing of such smart products and platforms requires an adept multidisciplinary team with experience and expertise in varied hardware and digital technologies, and in engineering enterprise-grade platforms.

HCLTech’s connected products and services offerings serve the entire spectrum of intelligent and smart products and services. HCLTech offers consulting, platform design and engineering, product design and engineering, platform implementation or migration services, continuous platform upgrades or technology refresh, and operations support to forge ahead in the ecosystem economy.


Connected Design

Connected Products and Platform Services

  • Consulting services on platform business & technology strategy, connectivity enablement, intelligent edge connectivity & computing, and digital retrofits.
Connected Factory

Service Life Cycle Management

  • Platform testing services, development and sustenance of after-market service platforms, development and enhancement of ecosystem digital services, cloud migration, and operations automation.
Connected Products and Services

Digital Engagement Services

  • Development and sustenance of data platforms, deep learning services implementation and modelling, multi-experience using extended reality, implementing digital hubs for run-the-business and change-the-business scenarios, and development of autonomous services.



Real Time IoT Solutions
  • Platform-framework for intelligent, connected, autonomous and secure service offerings is a framework to build and implement digital service platforms on top of a connected ecosystem of assets. Domain-specific variants catering to the needs of the auto, aero, and industrial sectors.


Real Time IoT Solutions
  • Platform for medical devices containing the necessary building blocks to accelerate the development of next-generation software / services.

Digital Hub

Real Time IoT Solutions
  • A comprehensive framework for managing connected products and services.

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