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HCLTech supports in transforming your ERP solution from a system of record to a system of engagement that empowers your entire organization. It helps businesses stay current on latest Infor LN releases, maintain quick & seamless data exchange between other applications through integrations, and optimize internal expenses so that the resulting cost benefits can be passed onto the end customers. HCLTech end-to-end solutions include Consulting, Implementation, Development & Customization, Migration/Upgrade, Testing, Support and Maintenance.

Strengths and Approach

Strength: HCLTech global team of LN experts are a team of highly-skilled consultants with 20+ years of experience. The team’s expertise ranges from customization and development of new business processes, automation & functional testing and integration with ION.

Our Approach: We have expertise across all versions of LN/Baan including:

  • Baan Triton, Baan IV, Baan 5
  • LN 10.X to LN 10.7
  • Competencies in Infor SCE (Warehouse Management), Infor Automotive Exchange, Infor Supplier Exchange, Infor Mobility, Infor OS (ION, ION API, Security, Ming.le, Home Pages, IDM, Mongoose, Coleman AI, Infor Data Lake) and Birst

HCLTech understands the unique sector-specific value chains and provides solutions that allow for a higher-than-ever degree of collaboration and data-driven decision-making to optimize costs and maximize organizational effectiveness plus operational efficiency.  

Service offerings & key differentiators   ln upgrade: on-premise or in the cloud upgrade from older versions of baan to latest on-premise/cloud ln versions implementation build end-to-end implementation including configuration, testing and training using infor deployment methodology end-to-end system & qa testing developing effective test scripts considering business requirements. Repetitive/volume testing with test automation methodology develop mods & testing design and engineer modifications with standard infor ln development practices and knowledge of future changes tools & accelerators assessment tools to determine impact of upgrade, automated reusable test frameworks and sector-specific scenarios value engineering determine the value, cost and options for your digital journey by using investments and resources to drive measurable difference to your business

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