Smart Factory Solutions with HCL MindSphere | HCLTech


HCLTech’s partnership with Siemens steps into the next frontier of digital transformation to accelerate the race towards Industry 4.0.  We offer seamless end-to-end implementation of MindSphere while ensuring that the existing factory floor is brought online with minimal disruption or upgradation. Mindsphere applications rapidly connect existing systems and use advanced data tools and analytics across the value chain to increase availability, quality, and efficiency which transforms data into knowledge that accelerate processes and simplifies decision-making.

HCLTech unique approach to the MindSphere journey; from requirement identification to implementation and operations of applications; provides 360-degree coverage of customer needs. By taking the MindSphere journey, enterprises will experience improved business efficiency and agility.

Key Features

Requirement Analysis and Blueprinting

Identify client requirements and evaluate their business plan to create a high-level roadmap for deployment

System Integration

Facilitate connectivity with industrial assets and plants at enterprise level to integrate IT and OT data servers, cloud, or edge devices

Platform Customization

Define customization requirements to implement and configure the platform per customer needs

Third-party Integration

Supporting customer systems and equipment with MindConnect hardware, software, and custom connectors

Applications Development

Defining, implementing and validating customer-specific applications using MindSphere services


Team of Experts
Real-time Online Supplier Tracking

Improved supplier management through increased visibility into status of work orders and pre-empt delays in advance.

Production Performance Monitoring

Boost the operational efficiency and effectiveness by understanding key performance parameters down to asset, plant and service line level.

Connected Vehicle Monitoring

Optimizes fleet performance, safety and productivity to maintain an always ON and available fleet.