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The expanding focus on customer experience and risk mitigation has led organizations to embrace Digital Engineering as a path toward creating Next-Gen products and services. Rethinking digital products and services and adopting collaborative Digitized Engineering processes are crucial for defining comprehensive strategies for product development for the next era.

The convergence of digital technologies (AR/VR/MR, 5G, IoT, and others) accompanied by accelerating movement to Cloud has led to an increase in product complexities. These challenges, along with the emergence of the ‘New Normal’, have put organizations R&D spend at the spotlight. Additionally, with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for accelerating the digital transformation journey is acute.

As a trusted partner accelerating the digital transformation journey for multiple customers, HCLTech has the prowess for creating a digitally mature organization, build world-class products, and deliver phenomenal experiences to meet the expectations and standards of the Next Generation. We have over 4 decades of Engineering and R&D experience with a deliberate focus on Next-Gen technologies and centers of excellence (CoE).


Intelligent Connected ExperienceIntelligent Connected Experience

Industry 4.0

Xpand 4.0 is our umbrella offering, encompassing Connected Design, Connected Factory, Connected Products & Services, in addition to our IP based solutions portfolio.

Xpand 4.0 is HCLTech Industry 4.0 framework that helps manufacturing enterprises to expand into newer areas of growth by delivering phenomenal, connected experiences, powered by agile and smart digital ecosystems and convergence of data, process and insights.

Intelligent Connected ExperienceIntelligent Connected Experience

Digital Engineering

HCLTech’s Digital Engineering Services cater to the full spectrum of your Digital transformation needs – from defining digital strategy & roadmap, to being your trusted partner throughout the journey in realizing the roadmap.

  • With highly automated and industrialized Cloud/Platform Operations maintaining a highly available, scalable, and up-to-date platform becomes simple and efficient.
  • With the expertise of building and managing complex platforms and operations, HCLTech’s digital engineering services includes professional services to on board internal and external stakeholders on the platforms.
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Intelligent Connected ExperienceIntelligent Connected Experience

Data Engineering

Understanding the customer’s data platform and data engineering needs to design Data strategies through research and workshops.

  • We design and build pipelines, enable data transformations, data batch processing, real-time streaming, and storage systems including data lakes for data science, machine learning, and AI.
  • Our services include BI, Reporting, Visualization, Data architecture, Data automation –real-time and batch and pipeline containerization, Analytics workload automation and Data Integration with legacy or native platforms.
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Intelligent Connected ExperienceIntelligent Connected Experience


HCLTech’s 5G offerings cater to broad spectrum of needs for network OEMs, TSP/ CSP’s, Silicon/ Chip OEMs, device OEMs as well as industrial and enterprise customers for their connectivity and associated service needs.

  • HCLTech, with its products, skills, and expertise, can help you all the way from defining strategy and product roadmap for your 5G journey to effectively manage the network deployments.
  • With HCLTech’s product portfolio and multi-vendor/multi VIM 5G lab, we can accelerate your 5G and/or digital transformation journey to enable you to develop, validate and launch your products quickly.
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AI & Analytics Engineering

HCLTech’s AI & Analytics Service offerings support clients throughout their analytics journey.

  • During early stages, businesses define their data intelligence strategy with Analytics Consulting Services, leveraging AI expertise, accelerators, and Design Thinking best practices.
  • The AI/ML model development service helps organizations build models to achieve specific business outcomes. Clients harness IoT and machine generated data with Data Engineering and Automation services.
  • Managing data quality and data governance is accomplished with AI Operations Services. Clients are empowered to apply data services and on-board clients with Professional Services.
Intelligent Connected ExperienceIntelligent Connected Experience


New normal is accelerating increased adoption of consumerization technologies led solutions across home, workplace, manufacturing floors public spaces for enhancing consumer engagement/experience, convenience, safety and security.

  • HCLTech’s Consumerization services cater to the three key areas of consumerization: Cognitive solutions development, Consumer centric platform development and Intelligent Edge platform development.
  • HCLTech offers comprehensive services across all these areas to build a consumer centric, scalable, global holistic solutions.
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Sustainability Engineering

HCLTech’s Sustaneering portfolio offers end-to-end sustainability solutions and services. It allows HCLTech to provide services across the value chain right from the product ideation and design phase to end-of-life and sustenance.

  • The increased focus on renewable energy sources, low-carbon products, and circular economy models warrants a clear shift from sustainable operation to sustainable value-chain. In addition to regulatory requirements, interest from investors and consumer affinity for smart and energy-efficient products drives the sustainability transition.
  • Due to increased costs, high complexity, and the lack of tailored solutions, it is a challenge for most organizations to take the green leap without a strong ecosystem.
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