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Data is the new oil and it is getting generated at an unbelievable scale every moment. Organizations that have a well laid out strategy to capture, process, and monetize data are going to be leaders in creating customer delight and improving efficiency, thereby maximizing revenue and profits. Adoption of emerging technologies like big data, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role in bringing an organization’s digital strategy to life. In order to ensure competitiveness and match the pace of the rapidly changing business environments, organizations are looking towards implementing cognitive technologies. Organizations that adopt AI in every aspect of their journey are expected to achieve market leadership relative to those who do not. HCLTech NEXT.ai is your partner of choice to envision, strategize, and implement industry leading AI solutions. With NEXT.ai services and NEXT.ai solutions, you can enhance your digital footprint and become a "Truly Digital" organization.


NEXT.ai Services


A complete cloud for business innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Strategy definition
  • Business case


Cost effective
  • Data Platforming
  • Model Engineering
  • Model Serving


Secure and compliant
  • DataOps
  • MLOps

NEXT.ai Co-creation lab

Great solutions are built at the intersection of the right technology, the right skills, and the right level of industry expertise. A creative environment which can bring together cross-functional teams consisting of clients, partners, and experts will foster a conducive atmosphere for breakthrough innovations to sprout. The HCLTech NEXT.ai lab houses a setup to accomplish design thinking, accelerated prototyping, and show case of solutions for quicker evaluation (preserve or pivot) and user adoption. The NEXT.ai co-creation lab is powered by Nvidia supercomputers and facilitates you to research, innovate, experiment, and co-create unique solutions using the latest AI technologies.

  • Cross-functional teams: Technology, Design, Domain
  • Innovation hub: Technology research, breakthrough innovations
  • Design Thinking: Creative Problem Solving

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